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Nickel Plated

Shaving Brush/Razor Stand & Bowl

Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush and Razor Stand with detachable Bowl

Safety Razor Shaving Set

3 piece Badger Hair

Edwin Jagger

Premium Shaving Brushes

Edwin Jagger Badger Shaving Brushes



A unique Safety Razor Set


Not for wimps!

The Bluebeards Revenge

Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream for troublesome beards

Shea Butter



Shaving Soap

Massive Range.

Massive Choice

Choose from a fantastic range of Parker Safety Razors Shea butter and Sandalwood shaving soap from Parker Razors

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Love it or hate it, 9 out of 10 of us males do it most days. Actually, the older we are the more we do it. In fact we’re likely to spend up to 15 hours per year doing it. Thankfully shaving implements and technology have come a long way since the days of using scallop shells -ouch!

Today there is a marked resurgence in wet shaving along with a greater choice in shaving products than ever before. Shaving brushes of varying quality, creams, lotions and razors all abound making that job a little bit easier and enjoyable.

Anyone had a close shave with a scallop lately?


Badger Hair & Pure Bristle Shaving Brushes


The finest Shaving Creams


Shaving Sets from top brands


Safety Razors, Mach 3 Razors. Straight Razors

From Edwin Jagger and Vulfix

Shaving Brushes, Badger Brush, Silvertip, from Edwin Jagger, Kent and Vulfix Shaving Sets from Edwin Jagger, Progress Vulfix Shaving Razors,Mach 3, from Edwin Jagger and Progress Vulfix, Safety Razors


Shaving Bowls

The importance of using a quality shaving cream.

Someone was once advised to use ordinary face soap as a shaving cream because “it was cheap and did the job”.

Shaving cream is an essential part of the shaving process. Its primary role is to enable the shaving blade to glide across the skin with little resistance thus eliminating the risk of nicks and cuts. A quality shaving cream will provide the necessary lubrication to do this, keeping the blade in close contact with the skin whilst not creating undue and wasteful foam. A quality shaving cream will adhere to the bristles, softening and preparing them for the cut.

Another key role of  shaving cream is to act as a moisturiser unlike ordinary soap which will quickly dry out the skin and leave it vulnerable to nicks and infection. You will soon notice the difference after using a quality shaving cream. Your skin will feel smoother and cleaner. Your shave will undoubtedly have been closer. See our range of quality shaving creams.

What makes a good shave?

A number of elements come into play in order to achieve a good shave. Here’s what you need:

Access to warm water or a wet face towel, shaving mirror, pre-shave oil and post shave applications.

A quality razor with a sharp blade. Something like a Gillette Mach 3 or Fusion razor is ideal.

A quality shaving cream to ensure good contact between blade and skin and to act as a moisturiser during the shaving process.

A shaving brush. Depending on your preference a pure badger shaving brush will act as an exfoliator and enable correct application of the shaving cream.

How to wet shave

For more detailed instructions on how to shave see our Art of Grooming page.

The closest shave. Straight Razors (Cut throats)

Undoubtedly the closest shave you can achieve is with a straight or open razor, commonly referred to as a “cut throat razor”. The reason for this is the blades ability to cut the whisker cleaner and thus avoiding dragging the stubble. Once mastered not only will you achieve a better shave but long term it will prove a more economical investment. A quality straight razor should last a lifetime, thus saving on costly blade replacement.

Along with your cut throat razor you will need a strop and some strop paste. This essentially sharpens the blade. Usually between 7 to 15 shaves are possible before you need to strop. The use of straight razors is fast increasing, many preferring to use this “old school” method of shaving because of the reasons mentioned earlier. Why not invest in a decent straight razor yourself. You’re sure to notice the difference.

See our cut throats and strops


Shaving Lotions.

Aftershave, Cologne,

Pre-Shave Oil, Post Shave Cream, Alum Blocks


Shaving Stands to suit all pockets

Shaving Stands from Edwin Jagger

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