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The Razorpit Teneo is available in Black or White and features a handy stand to hold your Razor and Cartridges.




It’s been around for a while but it’s still saving the wet-shaver £s!

The cost of  replacement blades especially for cartridge Razors isn’t getting any cheaper. Is there a way to extend the life of your razor blades?

Have another look at the Razorpit.

The RazorPit is an ingenious device designed to extend the lifespan of your razor blades by using a specialized cleaning method, similar to stropping.
Running the razor blade in the reverse direction along the unique surface of the RazorPit helps to clean off the tiny particles of hair, lather or skin which the blade has picked up during the shave, extending the life of the blade.

It works with most popular brands such as the Gillette cartridge Mach3 or Fusion 5 blade system.

You can easily achieve up to 150 shaves!

Get one today and start Saving with your Shaving.

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