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Choosing a Quality Shaving Set is an ideal way to include all the needed components for a great shaving experience.

The Famego 4 piece Shaving Set is great value

The Shaving Set to the Rescue!

The Shaving Set is absolutely ideal if you are looking for a useful combination of shaving implements but are not quite sure of the best way to go about it.

Typically, a set will comprise of a Shaving Razor and Shaving Brush and likely a Stand on which to put these new aquisitions along with occassionally a shaving bowl for either mixing shaving lather or to act as a drip bowl.

The other big advantage is that because they are packaged together they tend to be cheaper than if purchased separately. A big plus if you’re on a limited budget.
Quite often a box depicting the products brand logo is included as part of the presentation package.

As with everything you get what you pay for so going for a well known brand with a track record of quality and service such as Edwin Jagger or Muhle is usually a way forward.

So are you part of The Shaving Set? The main advantages are:

  • All implements combined as part of a set
  • Less expensive than buying items separately
  • Usually boxed and branded as a package

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